EuMaT: Life Cycle and Risk Assessment (LCA) & Risk Analysis in Nanomaterials related NMP projects: Brussels, March 2

EuMaT – European Technology Platform for Advanced Engineering Materials and Technologies has been launched in order to assure optimal involvement of industry and other important stakeholders in the process of establishing of R&D priorities in the area of advanced engineering materials and technologies. EuMaT should improve coherence in existing and forthcoming EU projects, in the field of materials R&D.


EuMaT covers all elements of the life cycle of an industrial product, despite it is a component, a system or a final goods:

  • design, development & qualification of advanced material
  • advanced production, processing and manufacturing
  • material and component testing
  • material selection and optimization
  • advanced modelling on all scales
  • databases and supporting analytical tools
  • life cycle considerations, including impacts, decommissioning, reliability, hazards, risks and recyclability


NanoHex will be presenting their findings relating to nanofluids as a part of the Project's research in LCA and RA.


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