Industrial Technologies 2010: Brussels, 7th-9th Sept 2010

Industrial Technologis 2010 takes place on the 7th, 8th and 9th September 2010. This major conference in the area of Industrial Technologies will be organised by the European Commission in cooperation with the Belgian EU Presidency. The focus will be on nanotechnologies and nanosciences, materials and production technologies, which are the key areas of the FP7 NMP Theme. For more information please visit 


The European Industrial Technologies Conference will address:

- The need for innovation within European industry and major obstacles hindering innovation;

- Future perspectives for industry with newly developed manufacturing technologies, materials and nanotechnologies;

- The social, environmental sustainability and competitiveness perspectives of the European manufacturing industry.


The conference will give you the possibility to meet major actors in the field. It will be an international forum where industry, research organisations, universities as well as policy makers will meet and discuss possibilities for cooperation and proposals for improved integration in the near future.

In addition to the Commission NMP Theme and the Belgian EU Presidency, the conference is also supported by the Manufuture European Technology Platform which represents the major European industries and research organisations in the field of manufacturing. The Platform is promoting the use of new enabling technologies in Factories of the Future.

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