Nano 2010- Nanostructure Materials: Rome 13th-17th 2010

NANO Conference is the traditional meeting place for most nanomaterials researchers, where the state-of-the-art research and latest advanced findings in the field are presented.  A range of topics at the frontier of knowledge in the field of nanomaterials will be discussed in technical sessions that will host also a wide number of distinguished scientists involved in plenary and invited presentations. For more information please visit 


NANO2010 is the highest level International Conference designed to bring together the international community of scientists and engineers interested in recent developments on nanostructured materials in many different fields.  It will foster the exchange of ideas, techniques, experiments and applications in this exciting and rapidly developing field. In particular, it will provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of new concepts, properties and developments on new science and novel materials in the nanoregime, new functional nanomaterials, applications in nanoelectronics, energy, photonics, nanobiotechnology, devices and sensors.
The conference language will be English. All original contributions will be arranged in the form of plenary, invited, oral and poster presentations, with four parallel sessions dedicated to specific themathics.

The next Nano  2010 conference will be held on September 13-17 at the University   "La Sapienza", in Rome, Italy, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, famous for its unique antiquities of the Roman empire, spectacular masterpieces of baroque art, grandiose squares  and old charming neighborhoods, as well as for its precious Museums and wonderful galleries. The only admire of the sunrise on the Eternal City can be equaled by few other experiences on this earth. Italians are naturally friendly, so you'll never get lost or feel unwelcome. Rome is also an important and stimulating scientific and cultural center in Italy.

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