Thermoelectric Energy Solutions: London, 6th April 2011

NanoHex's Science Communication Manager, Lindsay Gill, will be attending this event on behalf of the project and delivery a presentation about the project's aims and application areas.

Thermal energy harvesting – i.e. the generation of electrical power from waste heat, heat management, or cooling of devices and buildings – are important factors both in the ’green economy’ and in efficient product design. New materials and nanostructuring offer new approaches that can develop next generation thermoelectric and thermionic devices with considerable commercial potential and benefit to the UK.

The applications for harvesting or converting heat for power generation or solid state cooling are widespread and this workshop should be of interest to industries such as automotive, construction, energy utilities, and electronic devices.

This workshop is organised by the NanoKTN in partnership with Johnson Matthey and Royal Holloway, University of London.

This workshop is supported by the Aerospace & Defence, Energy Generation & Supply, Environmental Sustainability and Transport KTNs, the SMMT, Low Carbon South West, ecoConnect, the IOM3 Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology Committee, the Midlands Energy Consortium and the Scottish European Green Energy Centre. Members of the supporting organisations are entitled to pay the NanoKTN Member rate.

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